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Christoph Schmidt

Hertha Sponer Professor of Physics

office 2316
(919) 660-2708
Curriculum vitae




Octavio Albarran Arriagada

Theory & Modeling

Office 2322




Renata Garces

Renata designs and performs experiments to explore bacterial cell mechanics. In particular, I’m interested in the information we can get by quantifying the cell response to mechanical inputs. Currently, my main focus is on learning how these tiny cells regulate their inner pressure under different biochemical stresses. Office 2322




Behzad Golshaei

Behzad is modeling biological systems such as cell and dorsal closure by using finite element simulation to understand the role of material properties on cells and tissues functions.

Office 2322






Xiaoxuan Jian

Xiaoxuan studies intracellular force propagation using a FRET-based tension sensor with the help of mechanical micromanipulations.
Office 2322




Mingru Li

Mingru is interested in tracking the motion within the actomyosin network in vitro, which is formed by the Xenopus egg extract. Meanwhile, I’m looking into the actin structures inside the cell nucleus to disentangle the mysterious mechanics.
Office 2322



Office Location: French Family Science Center, # 2220, Box 90305, Durham, NC 27708
Front Office Address:
Box 90305, Durham, NC 27708
Phone:  +1 919 681 2691


Achinthya Prahlad
His address and Tel number maybe a picture
Alok Wessel
His address and Tel number maybe a picture
André Düselder

RiverD International B.V., Rotterdam, Netherlands

Current position: Application and R&D Scientist

Christina Thiede

graduate student 2009-2014

Research scientist
Evotec, Hamburg

Christopher Battle
Head of Device R&D at ibidi
Daisuke Mizuno
Associate Professor at Kyushu University
Florian Schlosser
His address and Tel number maybe a picture
Ivan Schaap
at  SmarAct GmbH where he is focusing on the development of metrology instruments.

Jannes Gladrow
PhD position since 2015

University of Cambrige

Marcel Bremerich
Scientist and Application Specialist for diagnostic membranes in the R&D department at Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH.

He is dedicated to production and quality control support, customer service and research on fluid flow dynamics in porous media.

Meenakshi Prabhune

Sr. Scientific Marketing Manager

Synthego Corporation

Nikta Fakhri
Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at MIT


Stefan Lakämper
ETH Zürich

Institute of Mechanical Systems

Till Driehorst
His address and Tel number
Theresa Kaufeld
Ulrich Fromme
Verification Engineer,

Brunel Car Synergies GmbH

Eugenia Butkevich
His address and Tel number maybe a picture
Constantin Kohl
Research Scientist

Applied Medical

Amna Abdalla Mohammed Khalid
His address and Tel number maybe a picture
Samaneh Rezvani
Senior Scientist,


Kengo Nishi
Chonglin Guan
Jianguo Zhao
Daniel Härtter